The Community Boating Center exists thanks to volunteers. Volunteering is a great way to support our vision of promoting safe access to Bellingham Bay, and also creates opportunities for you to learn, socialize, and recreate. We are always looking for volunteers, especially folks who can commit to longer-term tasks. Below are some of the areas we actively need volunteers. If you have relevant skills but don't see the need on the list, contact us and let's see what we can do!

Volunteer Application

Volunteer Waiver


Discounting Boating Center Services Using Volunteer Credit

All volunteers earn discount credit which can be applied towards Boating Center services. This is our way of keeping services accessible and thanking volunteers for giving their time. A few details to note:

  • All volunteers benefit by earning a discount credit of $5 for every hour volunteered.
  • Volunteers track their hours and discounts using a personal time log.
  • Discount credit be used towards any of the Boating Center's services.
  • Volunteer credit can be redeemed for up to 50% of season passes, merchandise, private lessons, and any educational program cost.
  • Volunteer credit can be used towards 100% of dry moorage & boat rental fees.
  • Volunteer credit is for personal use only and cannot be given or transferred to other patrons.


Where Volunteers are Needed:

  • Our greatest ongoing need is for volunteers who are willing to commit to 4-hour waterfront operations shifts. Waterfront volunteers help prepare rentals, greet customers, answer the phone, and work on a variety of projects when it's slow. Feel free to bring a laptop or book as well and just hang out! Waterfront volunteers receive 'on the job' training, and it's a great way to learn the basic of our operations if you plan on volunteering in other areas.  
  • High Priority:
    • Assistance with marketing and outreach of programs & classes.
    • Boat and Fiberglass Repair (Kayaks and Sailboats)
    • Tabling & Outreach (Farmer's Markets, Community Events, etc)
    • Assistant instructors & guides for youth camps, evening paddles, and introductory kayaking courses.
  • Ongoing Projects & Needs:
    • Facilities
      • General Carpentry/Construction Projects
      • Painting
    • Organizational
      • Board & Committee Members
      • Accounting & Bookkeeping
    • Programs
      • Volunteer Sailing Instructors/Assistants
      • Volunteer Kayak Instructors/Assistants
      • Volunteer Youth Camps Instructors/Assistants
    • Fleet Management
      • Scrubbing / Cleaning Boats
      • Fiberglass Repair
      • Wood Stitch-and-Glue Boat Repair
      • Sewing & Sail Repair
      • Varnishing
    • Service Learning
      • Eagle Scout Projects


To learn more about volunteering at the Community Boating Center contact our Volunteer Coordinator.