The Max Higbee Center

The Max Higbee Center works to provide community-based recreation programs for youth and adults with developmental disabilities with three broad aims: to provide opportunities for personal enjoyment, to promote social, physical, emotional, and cognitive growth, and to assist participants to achieve greater independence and increased community involvement.

The Max Higbee Center envisions a caring, inclusive, respectful, and thriving community where people are empowered to grow, develop, and enrich their lives through recreation activities and the relationships they create.

The CBC is so excited about this partnership as adaptive boating and recreation opportunities are in high demand and have potential to be incredibly therapeutic and healing. Creating new programs to serve folks like Max Higbee Center members is a top priority at the CBC.

“Max Higbee Center is a nonprofit here in Whatcom County that provides social and recreation programs for teens and adults with developmental disabilities. Our mission is to help members build health, create friendships, to engage in lifelong learning, and to be involved in the community. We absolutely need and rely on community partners. We were so excited when the Community Boating Center reached out to us and said they wanted to partner with Max Higbee Center and help us build community inclusion. We are thrilled and grateful for this partnership. This year the Community Boating Center held an activity on Bellingham Bay for our members to get out there on kayaks. For a lot of our members, it was their first time on Bellingham Bay. It was a wonderful and cherished experience. We’re so grateful to the CBC for their commitment to improve community access and inclusion. It takes a village to build a community that’s a welcoming place for everyone.”
Kait Whiteside, Executive Director


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