Growing Veterans has an incredible mission to empower veterans to cultivate purpose and belonging by growing food, community and each other. Growing Veterans operates an organic farm in Lynden, WA with an outpost farm on Whidbey Island. Harvests are donated to the Bellingham Food Bank, the North Whidbey Help House, or given to volunteers. 

While collaborative farming is Growing Veterans’ primary mode of therapy, we partnered to host daytime sailing adventures and nighttime bioluminescent paddling. The group also tested out our new ‘backyard barbeque’ event space! 

At the CBC, we believe in the therapeutic power of wind, waves, and water and we are thrilled to continue sharing and expanding access to the Bay with Growing Veterans. 

“Walking onto the dock, I could feel the anxiety squeezing my chest and in those muscles at the base of my neck. I was a Naval Aviator and being this close to salt water is an unnatural act. Captain Mike with the CBC gave us a thorough safety brief and answered my questions and we got underway on the diesel. Only after we killed the diesel and unfurled the jib did I realize that my chest had expanded and my shoulders relaxed. We were on the water for about 5 hours. They were 5 hours of focus on given tasks, but also 5 hours of complete peacefulness. It is hard to describe but probably easy to experience... just get out on the water”
Growing Veterans Member