Bioluminescence Paddles
Duration: 3 Hours
$85 per person

Experience the Wonder of Bioluminescence at Night!

Bioluminescence is the production and emission of light by a living organism. But experiencing it is so much more! It’s pure imagination! It is found throughout marine habitats, and lucky for us, can be found locally in Bellingham Bay from June-September. Our Bioluminescence Paddles often sell out, so reserve your space soon!

Sample Itinerary:

  • Check In/Welcome -10 min.
  • Equipment Intro and Paddle Stroke Practice – 15 min.
  • Safety Talk/Route intro – 10 min.
  • Launch/Paddle Out ~45 min
  • Bioluminescence play time! ~30-45 min  
  • Paddle In/Land ~45 min


All skill levels welcome! We use tandem sea kayaks for optimal stability so if you come with friends, choose your partner wisely! (Friends not required)

Bioluminescence in Bellingham Bay Webinar

Lucy Greeley explores the human history, past research, and her summer study plan of this brilliant phenomena.

The talk is free to watch, however donations to assist with research at the Community Boating Center are welcome.

Have questions about getting involved or about bioluminescence in Bellingham Bay? Email Lucy at

Read more about our Bioluminescent Paddles here!

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