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Registration FAQ

Q: Do I need to create an account to register?

A: Yes, the first step is to create an account. You can register multiple people under this account or just yourself. You are not committing to purchasing anything by creating an account.


Q: Can I register with a phone or tablet?

A: The registration system should be compatible with both phones and tablets, however, if you have any difficulties registering try again using a computer. You may have created a user name and password already with a phone and should first attempt to login rather than signing up.


Q: Can I register using a gift certificate, scholarship, credit, or volunteer credit?

A: Yes, please fill out the basic registration form and select which class you would like to register for. Do not enter any payment information. Once basic information is in the registration, contact the Program Manager by email or phone (360-714-8891) to apply credit.


Q: I forgot my password, how do I get a new password?

A: Click the Login button. Then type your email address and check “forgot my password”. Follow the steps to reset your password, then login.


Q: Can I make changes to my registration even though I have already paid?

A: Yes, log in then select the person on your account you would like to make changes to. You can change the class date or cancel. To fully cancel, you may need to contact the Program Manager by email or phone (360-714-8891) to get reimbursed.


Q: I would like to register to a class that is already full, can I join a waitlist?

A: Yes, some classes such as group paddles, allow for a waitlist; but not all. If the class is full but joining a waitlist is an option, the registration system will allow you to register for the waitlist. If the class is full but joining a waitlist is NOT an option, either register for a different class if it fits your schedule or contact the Program Manager by email or phone (360-714-8891) about either squeezing you in or adding an additional class.


Q: I am having trouble registering for a class, is there someone I can contact or a different way to register?

A: We can register you over the phone. Please call us at 360-714-8891.