Sea Kayaking

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First Splash - Intro to Paddling

2 hours • Ages 16 and up

This low-pressure class allows you to get used to kayaking and taking things at your own pace. There is no requirement to capsize or re-enter the boat in this class. We will help you to build the confidence needed to come back for more on your own. The main goal here is to allow you a safe space to try something new and enjoy being on the water. We will introduce you to the boats, equipment, and basic skills of paddling on the bay. This class is a wonderful precursor to our Essentials of Sea Kayaking class where you can take the next steps to become an independent paddler. So if tipping makes you nervous and you want to explore the other aspects of kayaking first, this class is for you!

Students will learn about:

  • Necessary equipment
  • How to enter your kayak
  • Paddle strokes
  • Cold water safety
  • On-water safety communication


Prerequisites: none! This course is designed as a precursor to our Essentials of Sea Kayaking and Rescues & Recoveries courses.

Essentials of Sea Kayaking

3 hours • Ages 16 and up • Perfect for novices!

Don’t know what a Wet Exit is? Does your friend’s explanation make you nervous? This class is designed to introduce the basic skills required to safely Sea Kayak by yourself.

Students will learn about:

  • Necessary equipment
  • Paddle strokes
  • Basic boat exit and entry maneuvers (i.e Wet Exits)
  • Cold water safety
  • On-water safety communication


Completing this class gives you the skills needed to rent our Sea Kayaks! Getting wet is mandatory to pass the WetExit Quiz.

Prerequisites: First Splash – Into to Paddling or equivalent experience ! This course is designed as a prerequisite to our Rescues & Recoveries class. These two are offered in succession on Saturdays and Sundays for a full weekend of kayak skill growth!

If you don’t want to get wet, rent a Sit-on-top Kayak from us or take our Coastal Explorer Tour!

Rescues & Recoveries

3 hours • Ages 16 and up

Wanting to be more confident and self reliant on the water or learn how to rescue another paddler? This class will teach the skills needed to help you and your companions stay safe if you capsize!

We’ll be on (and in) the water throughout this class, starting with a wet exit practice in the shallows to get comfortable. From there, we will cover the paddle float self-rescue, cowboy self-rescue, assisted T-Rescue, and cover multiple bracing and edging techniques. Understanding the limits of you and your boat is key to being safe on the water!

All needed equipment and gear will be provided; if you have your own wetsuit feel free to bring it!

If you would like to learn in your own kayak please email us first!

Prerequisites: Essentials of Coastal Kayaking or equivalent experience.

Next Step: Try our Virtual Tides and Currents or Coastal Navigation Courses & plan your next trip.

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