The Community Boating Center works with the Sailing Foundation to provide youth scholarships for participation in our youth programs. The CBC offers a limited number of partial scholarships each season to assist youth of all backgrounds to participate in youth programs, be active, learn outdoors, and have fun on Bellingham Bay. We are committed to providing affordable and safe boating experiences to youth as our funds allow.

Scholarship Details:

  • The CBC works with the Sailing Foundation in order to provide scholarships for youth participants in our programs. Please apply for a scholarship with the Sailing Foundation. For any questions you may have while filling out the Sailing Foundation application, please contact the CBC.
  • If the Sailing Foundation is unable to provide your scholarship, the Community Boating Center offers scholarships for up to 100% of the program tuition. Scholarships are given as discounts to an initial program payment and are not available as reimbursements for past or completed payments.
  • Scholarships are awarded based on a family's active participation in a government assistance program or an explanation of special circumstances.
  • To Apply: Print and complete our Youth Scholarship Request Form (pdf) and submit it by mail or in person at the CBC office by June 7th. Please contact us at 360-714-8891 with questions.
  • The Award Process: The Education Committee will collectively review the applications and divide the earmarked funds by the scholarship applicants based on need. We will try and offer 100% of the scholarship amount requested though this is not guaranteed. You will be notified June 16th about your scholarship request.