The Community Boating Center offers 24-hour access, on-site dry moorage for sailboats, kayaks, rowboats and other non-motorized vessels. Covered racks are available for kayaks and rowing shells; ground storage is available for trailer- or dolly-launched boats up to 26'.

We keep our prices as low as possible.
Contact 360.714.8891 or for details.


Dry Moorage Rates*

Kayak rack covered storage $25.00
Rowboat & Canoe rack storage $30.00
Hand-launched sailboat on dolly (16' or less) $40.00
Hand-launched rowing dory on dolly (16' or less) $40.00
Boats up to 18' length by 7' width $60.00
Boats up to 24' length by 8' width (including trailer) $80.00
Boats over 24' length and/or 8' width (including trailer) per foot $5.00
(any dimension)

*There is a one month discount for all yearly prepaid storage.

Map of Harris Bay
Public mooring next to CBC.

The CBC is a
Certified Clean Marina!


  • We wash with vinegar instead of soaps and other chemicals.
  • We minimize our use of fuel and oil - we only have one marine motor!
  • We recycle.
  • We reduce runoff by using pervious surfaces and proper dump sites.
  • We keep Spill Kits easily accessible to the staff and the general public.
  • We follow Best Management Practices as established by Clean Marina Washington.
  • We educate boaters on marine stewardship and how to boat responsibly.