Help us get to $10,000!

UPDATE 10/14 (3:00pm): 

Folks we have surpassed our goal! At this point we have made it to our goal of raising $10,ooo , and that is not considering the matching funds that have been offered!

 We are humbled and honored at your willingness to support us through these challenging times. Trust that we will continue to evolve how we serve our community and offer the life changing lessons of the sea.

 It takes a village and you showed up, we won’t forget that!

Our auction closes tonight at 9pm. Of course its never too late or the wrong time to offer your support. We will get back to you by the middle of next week to report our total earnings in this campaign as we are waiting on checks to arrive in the mail!


On November 8th we will kick off our week-long virtual fundraiser with the goal of raising $10,000 toward accessible boating for the Pacific Northwest. The Community Boating Center is a 501(c)3 nonprofit fostering safe small-boat recreation on Bellingham Bay. The CBC was founded by a core of local small-watercraft enthusiasts in 2006 and began services to the public in 2007. The CBC is not a club. There are no memberships and no dues. Programs and services are available to all.

Throughout the week we’ll be posting videos, hosting events, doling out prizes & bringing you a silent auction! Bookmark this page as your hub for events.  

Help Raise The Paddle & support the future of Play on the Bay.

Day 1: Welcoming Address & Launch of 5k with Bryan Rust

5k on the Bay

Today we’re launching our 5k on the Bay!  This is a virtual 5k & entries world wide are encouraged. Paddle, run or sail with small groups & people you know staying at least 6 feet from others at all times. Large groups are not recommended. If you choose to recreate by yourself, make sure that someone knows where you are, that you are wearing a lifejacket, a leash, and proper clothing. 

Day 2: Set Sail with Harry!

Welcome to Day 2 of Raise the Paddle!
Today we’ll explore our sailing program with Harry!
And for some fun at home, download the Virtual Regatta online game!
We’ll be hosting a race tomorrow night at 7pm!
This app is a fun, COVID friendly way to brush up (or learn!) sailboat racing rules & strategy.
The perfect way to get us through these dark, cold evenings!
And don’t forget to support the CBC. It takes all hands on deck to keep the momentum going and we need your support to keep boating on the bay accessible for everyone, for years to come.
See you on the start line!

Day 3: Paddle Out With Christine

Today we’ll be Paddling Out with our lead kayak instructor Christine! Join us to learn why accessible boating and time in nature is critical for everyone, especially during a pandemic.

Today, help us paddle out and raise awareness! Check out the bingo boards below and repost to your social media for a fun way to engage with your friends and family to raise money & send us your own stories, videos and photos to share.

Day 4: Volunteering with Alec!

It takes a village to do what we do! Just like a boat, every crewmember that supports our mission has a role and is needed to stay on course. Volunteers are integrated into all aspects of the organization from maintaining boats, assisting with rentals, teaching educational classes, tabling at events, and serving as board and committee members.

Would you like to get involved? Fill out our volunteer application today!

Day 5: Dive into Bellingham Bay with Sara Welsh!

To put people on the water without offering an understanding of its complexities and wonders would be incomplete. The creatures that live in the sea tell a story that all should hear. We need your support so that we continue to offer a connection to our marine environment, and create generations of informed stewards that will look after its health!

Join our very own Marine Biologist, Sara Welsh, tonight at 6pm to hear about the many majestic mammals that call the Salish Sea home (or, their vacation home!)

Day 6: Appreciating CBC Stakeholders!

We would not be able to do what we do without the continued support of The Sailing Foundation! They offer scholarship funds to many youth participants in our sailing programs. 

Watch Director Andrew Nelson offer his perspective on why our work matters, and how we support each other!

To find out more about their work in the PNW check them out at

The CBC is lucky to be the homeport of such a wonderful and active group of paddlers! They compliment our mission perfectly as they introduce our community to the joy of outrigger canoes!

Wanna get on the water with them? Check out

We have many other stakeholders that we partner with to maximize our ability to serve our community:

Day 7: The Legacy of CBC!

Folks on our final day we are excited to showcase two of the CBC’s most visionary and influential  leaders. 
Tune in to see one of our founders, Captain Deb Dempsey and former director Steve Walker tell the tale of CBC’s legacy and evolution!
Thank you so much for helping us through the challenges of our time and ensuring CBC’s legacy will continue.

Thank you to our Sponsors!