Sorry, we do not rent canoes (check out Western Canoe & Kayak in Abbotsford, B.C.).

Rental Information

To hold a boat for you, we will need the following for our records, and to prepare the boat for you on race day:

  • Your team’s BIB number (This is useful to us, but not necessary. Don’t panic if you don’t have this number.)

  • Your approx. height and weight

  • Your gear needs (we are able to include in the rental the following equipment: spray skirt, paddle float, bilge pump, paddle, lifejacket w/whistle)

  • Your training level (have you performed a self-rescue with a sea kayak prior to renting it on race day?)

  • Your phone number

Once you have provided us with the above information, we will select a boat that best suits your height and weight and prepare it for you for race day. We will transport all of the boats to Zuanich Park early on the morning of the race. 

If at all possible, we recommend that you find a time prior to race day to come down to the CBC to sit in your boat and ensure that it meets your needs.

Your rental includes: a sea kayak, life jacket, paddle, spray skirt, bilge pump, and paddle float. Spray jackets, wetsuits, and dry bags can be rented at $5/day for each item.

All of the sea kayaks that we offer for the race meet the eligibility criteria – however, you will still need to take your boat through the examination booth morning of the race. Boat inspections will occur only between 8:30am to 2:00pm on Race Day.

As the renter, you are responsible for returning the boat from Marine Park to the CBC once you have completed the race. Teammates are usually able to help renters walk their boats back to the CBC, but if any issues arise, simply give our office a call (360-714-8891) and we will work with you to assist in returning the boat.

Race Prep Class

All renters MUST be able to execute a wet-exit & self-recovery in a sea kayak. Paddlers lacking those skills can learn from a friend, take a CBC Ski to Sea Race Prep Class (listed below), or arrange a private lesson at the Boating Center. This skill is required of all Boating Center sea kayak renters to promote self-reliance and safety. Special Ski to Sea Race Prep Classes are held in May to focus on the needs and safety specific to the Ski-to-Sea race, see details below. 

Payment Information

To complete your reservation, we will need the following:

The price of the rental is $120, which covers the boat, equipment (if needed), and boat transport to Zuanich Park on race day.

Until we have processed your payment, your reservation is not complete.

In addition to the rental fee, we require a $500 deposit made in the form of a check or held on a credit card.  Once I receive your form I’ll send along a rental agreement to sign and return and we can collect payment.