The 2020 Ski-to-Sea Race was planned for Sunday, May 24th, 2020 but unfortunately was cancelled. We are no longer accepting reservations for this event.

The below information is relevant for future Ski-to-Sea Race Events.



Rental Boats Available

  • Solo Sea Kayaks
  • Tandem Sea Kayaks
  • Sorry, we do not rent canoes.  Check out these regional options for canoe rental:

Rental Details

  • All renters MUST be able to execute a wet-exit & self-recovery in a sea kayak. Paddlers lacking those skills can learn from a friend, take a CBC Ski to Sea Race Prep Class (listed below), or arrange a private lesson at the Boating Center. This skill is required of all Boating Center sea kayak renters to promote self-reliance and safety. Special Ski to Sea Race Prep Classes are held in May to focus on the needs and safety specific to the Ski-to-Sea race, see details below. 
  • The full race-day rental charge is $90. Reservations are required and can be made over the phone or in-person.
  • Call us at 360-714-8891 or contact us by email to reserve a boat.
  • Your $90 rental includes the boat and all necessary safety gear (life jacket, paddle, spray skirt, bilge pump, and paddle float).
  • Reservations must be paid in full by May 13th (All boats reserved after the 14th must be paid in full when making the reservation).
  • Paddle jackets, wetsuits, and drybags can be rented at an additional $5/day for each item.
  • We require a security deposit of $500 (written check) either at the time of boat pickup, or no later than the morning of the race. As this is one of the few events when we rent our boats off-site this provides protection for us against loss or damage of a boat. The deposit will be returned to you upon return of your rental in good condition.

Transportation Logistics:

*We encourage renters to utilize our transportation service, as the cost of transportation is included in the price of the boat rental.

  • If You Are Transporting Your Rental Boat:
    • Please ensure you have a safe method of transport. You are responsible for damage incurred during transportation.
    • Self-transited boats & gear are available for pickup at the Boating Center on Saturday, May 26th between 6:30PM - 8:30PM.
    • Kayak carts will be provided at the race finish which can be used to bring rental boats and gear back to the Boating Center.
    • Boats & gear must be returned to the Boating Center by 7:00pm on race-day.
  • If We Are Transporting Your Rental Boat:
    • Boat & gear transport to the start of the race (Zuanich Point Park) and from the end of the race (Marine Park) is included in the cost of the boat rental.
    • If you are having your boat delivered to the start of the race you must meet CBC staff at Zuanich Point Park at 7:30pm on Saturday May 26th to sign your rental agreement and check your boat into the secure storage offered by the Boy Scouts.
    • When you reach the finish line, you will need to meet up with a CBC staff member to hand off your boat. Look for the CBC sandwich board at the boat drop area.

Ski-to-Sea Race Prep Classes:

  • Wet Exit & Self Recovery Class - $45
    • This course provides participants with a basic safety skill needed to recover themselves and their boat from a capsize. The class covers wet exit and self recovery technique (no rolling techniques are covered as this class is only intended for beginners or as a refresher), basic cold-water safety knowledge, and discussion of the Ski to Sea race course (both long and short courses). Included in the price of the class are three 1-hour kayak rental vouchers for use for class participants who would like to practice prior to the race.
  • Class Dates:
    • Sunday, May 17th from 10am-1pm