What is a CBC Navigator?

We at the CBC are excited to announce that we have launched our new Navigator program, which offers you diehard CBC supporters the option of establishing a recurring donation plan.
The Navigator program is especially helpful for CBC supporters who would prefer to divide their annual gifts into monthly installments.
CBC Navigator logo

How to Become a CBC Navigator?

You can become a CBC Navigator three different ways:

  1. Your bank’s online account. If you bank online, setting up an automatic monthly bill-payment is like any other online payment. Just remember to select “automatic,” “recurring,” or “repeat” and choose the day of the month you’d like the check to go out.
  2. Physical checks. If you’re a DIY’er, write a check to "CBC Navigator" and mail it to us each month using the address listed just below.
  3. Paypal. Select the monthly amount you wish to contribute then click "Subscribe".

Why Become a CBC Navigator?

Some of the benefits of being a CBC Navigator include...
  • You enjoy small monthly donations instead of a big donation each December.
  • You're part of the reason the CBC has a dependable monthly revenue stream.
  • You can painlessly increase (or decrease) your annual support whenever you like.
  • You’re part of a special group with unique CBC Navigator opportunities and advantages
  • You’re entered in the CBC Navigator drawing for a $100 gift certificate at Boundary Bay Brewery. (Only applies to the first 100 enrollees, and you must enroll for a $10 minimum monthly donation.) 
  • And best of all, you don’t have to think about it (except when we thank you profusely).