Youth Internship Program

Applications for the 2023 season due March 10th.

The Community Boating Center is thrilled to introduce our new Junior Instructor Program.  In this 10-week training program (June 19th – August 25), students will work to develop the perspective and skills needed to begin the transition from student to instructor. With the goal of developing their ability to teach, lead and inspire the next generation of lifelong boaters.
The Junior Instructor program isn’t simply an opportunity to learn to sail, paddle and row, but rather a leadership development program.  Participants are required to have a passion for learning, the marine environment, and a motivation to develop their small boating skills and improve their community – they are not required to be proficient in kayaking and sailing when applying, these skills will be developed throughout the summer. 
Once JIs have developed a foundation of boating skills, they will be eligible for our paid Instructor Apprentice program, ages 15 to 17. Under the guidance of our senior instruction team, participants will attend a one-week, pre-season training and then participate in four weeks of targeted professional development, covering everything from teaching theory and classroom management, to developing skills in small boat handling, safe powerboat operation, race committee administration, and boat maintenance.  At the end of a successful apprenticeship, students will be US Sailing Level 1 Instructor Certified and/or qualified to be CBC Kayaking Instructor the following season. 
We hope to empower our youth to enrich our community. The Community Boating Center succeeds when our people succeed. 

Why Small Boating?

The complexity of small boating creates a challenging, yet alluring drive to succeed and understand the forces at work in the sport. Using sailing or kayaking as a medium, our leadership program provides youth with hands-on integrated learning opportunities that inspire interest in many disciplines like physics, marine biology, robotics, engineering technology and more. Boating encourages individuals to work together and trust each other as a harmonious team and gives students a liberating way to exercise their abilities, gain confidence and overcome challenges together. This impact is even greater when we add the mentoring and teaching aspect to boating, where recent students transition to become role models in their community. 

How the Program Works

Our Junior Instructor Program is a 4-year leadership development program for students 14-18 years old.  The aim of our program is to bridge the gap between student and teacher by instilling leadership qualities, skill and the confidence to enrich our community  both on and off the water.

By working closely with CBC’s senior staff, JIs have an opportunity to learn the important elements of being a watersports instructor as well as the specific goals, requirements and routines of CBC’s programs. 

 At the same time, they are developing their abilities to teach, lead, and inspire the next generation of CBC kids.

The Perks:

  • Weekly Professional Development meetings on Thursdays followed by project development.  Students will work on teaching skills, plan theme days, and have fun with fellow instructors in training
  • Access to our rental fleet  upon completion of the required skills test.
  • Complimentary participation in CBC camps, classes  and events dependent on availability
  • Youth enrichment team building  events such as Potlucks, Evening Sails and field trips!
  • Log volunteer or internship hours.
  • The chance to plan and run a community impact event to raise funds for an area nonprofit.  
  • Develop leadership and organizational skills, make friends and above all have fun!

Who Should Apply:

We are looking for mature and committed young adults, ages 14 and up, with a contagious energy, strong work ethic and excellent team leadership skills. Applicants must be self-motivated, must be able to work as part of a team as well as independently, and have a passion for working with children. The programs may include physically demanding work, such as rowing, kayaking, sailing, and occasional heavy lifting.  Students do not need sailing or kayaking skills to apply to be a junior instructor, however Instructor Apprentices do require these skills.  Participation in past water sports camps at CBC or elsewhere may be sufficient. Applicants must also be  comfortable around the water and able to swim.

The program is NOT limited to past CBC students.



Major Season Goals

Time Commitment

Junior Instructor


–  Become expert on CBC Operations/Programming
–  Refine Sailing Skills

          Volunteer 20+ Hrs/Week
          Development 5 Hrs/Week
          Suggested Teen Camps 15 Hrs/Week

Junior Instructor


–  Develop Personal Goals (Kayaking, Sailing, Environmental Stewardship, STEM, etc.)
–  Prepare for US Sailing Level 1 or ACA Certification, CBC will reimburse the cost of this program ($500 value) after 100 hours and meeting program expectations.

          Volunteer 20+ Hrs/Week
          Development 5 Hrs/Week
          Suggested Teen Camps 15 Hrs/Week

Instructor Apprentice


–  Participants take US Sailing Level 1 Training in Spring or ACA Certifications.
–  Identify Personal Strength and Weaknesses

          Paid Position approximately 20+ Hrs/Week
          Development 5 Hrs/Week


Instructor Apprentice


–  Facilitate and run summer programs
–  Polish sailing & motorboat abilities
–   Develop leadership skills

          Paid Position approximately 30+ Hrs/Week
          Development 5 Hrs/Week


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