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Here's where your money goes when you donate at the CBC!

Every dollar you give supports our programs and scholarships, ensuring that the Community Boating Center is truly a place for all.

  • $350 (or $30/month) gives a local child, like the one pictured above, a week of sailing and paddling camp, where they'll get a break from life's challenges while building skills in team-work, communication, decision-making, and marine stewardship.
  • $275 (or $23/month) connects a local woman with other women sailors - as they learn fundamental sailing skills in a group setting, and nourish each other's growth as community members and boaters.
  • $150 (or $12.50/month) empowers a group of ten at-risk youth to build confidence and self-esteem learning the basics of paddling on Bellingham Bay.
  • $50 (or $4.50/month) prevents a drowning by ensuring students and renters have access to high quality PFDs and safety equipment.
  • $25 buys a spill response kit, so that we can keep our shoreline clean and safe for everyone to use.

As our community's needs continue to evolve and expand, we need your help to meet them. Please donate, and directly grow the next generation of boaters.

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Immense Thanks to our Sponsors!

Each of our listed sponsors play a critical role in nurturing a community that has affordable and equitable access to their marine environment; ensuring that responsible boaters and marine stewards are always growing throughout Whatcom County and beyond.

Join our sponsors and help ensure sustainable pathways to the water for generations to come!

View the 2019-2020 Sponsor Packet and get started today.


The Community Boating Center is a certified Clean Marina! What makes us so clean?

  • We wash with vinegar instead of soaps and other chemicals.
  • We minimize our use of fuel and oil - we only have one marine motor!
  • We recycle.
  • We reduce runoff by using pervious surfaces and proper dump sites.
  • We keep Spill Kits easily accessible to the staff and the general public.
  • We follow Best Management Practices as established by Clean Marina Washington.
  • We educate boaters on marine stewardship and how to boat responsibly.

Learn more about Clean Marinas and Best Management Practices for marinas.