Sailboat Rentals Require Skills Tests!


*Prior to renting any dinghy or keelboat, you must be checked out by an instructor. Checkouts are specific to the type of boat (dinghy or keelboat). There are three ways to get checked out to sail a CBC boat:

  1. Successful completion of our Introduction to Dinghy or Keelboat sailing class.
  2. Successful completion of our Dinghy or Keelboat Refresher sailing class.
  3. An on-the-water sailing checkout with our staff:
    • Each on-water exam is $29 and lasts 45-60 minutes.
    • Separate check-outs may be required for sailing dinghies and keelboats.
    • Sailors will be checked off to either single hand or sail with crew.
    • Sailors will be checked off to sail in our green or yellow wind statuses.

To schedule a sailing checkout, please fill out the form below!

Rental Policy:

Prior to renting, please review our Rental Policy and participant agreement here.

Special Event Rental Details:


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